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Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits

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Salary and Benefits
We recruit and hire personnel based on professional integrity, experience, personality and the ability and willingness to grow with our company. We honor the talents of each of our many professionals within our company who are willing to enhance their professional goals and contributing to the goals and the growth of our company.
Section 1 - Salary Determination
Article 1: Employee's salary design principle is to distribute according to work, depending on individual job level, responsibility, labor, technical difficulty, contribution and attitude. Tend to positions with relatively poor working environment, heavy tasks, heavy responsibilities and difficult management.
Article2: Incentive and constraint combined system, taking into account employee contributions to the company. The greater the contribution to the company and the longer time, the more salary.
Section 2 - Salary Model
Article 1: The compensation of employees shall be determined according to the hourly salary system or complete rationing system according to the job description and level of the position.
Article 2: The specifics of the salary shall be determined by the company according to employees' position.
Section 3 - Composition of Salary Structure
Article 1: The compensation of employees consists of five parts: Basic Salary, Level of Position, Personal Skill, Allowances and Benefits, Performance Rewards.
Article 2: The basic salary guarantees the minimum salary of employees and is adjusted according to the minimum salary level of employees stipulated by relevant municipal departments every year.
Article 3: Position Level Salary: Implement the principles of incentive and supervision, adopt the form of Position Level salary and implement dynamic management. That is to set a certain range of salary for each type of position level, according to the workload, responsibility, difficulty, performance and ability of each employee, to decide on the specific salary level within this range and increase or decrease it according to the evaluation results.
Article 4: The Skill Salary is set according to personal factors such as qualifications, academic qualifications, titles or technical grades of employees, adjusted accordingly to their objective changes, and implement dynamic management.
Article 5: Allowances and benefits are adjusted according to changes in business status, social price index, and relevant national regulations. The position level allowance includes overtime and overtime salary and lunch subsidy.
Article 6: Performance rewards and punishments is adjusted according to the business status of the company and the evaluation results of individual performances.
Section 4 - Salary Adjustment
Article 1: The company will adjust the basic salary of all employees at an appropriate time according to the company's profit status, salary level of the same industry salary and the national labor-management policy.
Article 2: All employees conduct monthly Performance Reviews and annual statistics. Depending on the results of the Performance Review, the employee will have a salary upgrade, salary downgrade or dismissed if the performance review results are not satisfactory.
Article 3: The salary level shall be adjusted according to the standards of newly hired positions from the next month of appointment while promoting or lowering the positions.
Article4: Persons who have made special contributions to the company or received government awards for personal actions may be given a salary promotion, if approved by the company leader.
Article 5: To encourage employees to afford maximum effort at work and reflect the principle of labor distribution with more pay for more work, the company formulates an employee bonus system according to the current business status. ("Employee Bonus System" is separately formulated and notified)
Section 5 - Salary Payment
Article 1: The company pays salaries according to the actual working days of the employees. The date of payment is the 25th of each month. The salary is calculated from the 1st to the 30th of the previous month.
Article 2: If the payday falls on a holiday or an off day, the salary will be paid on the nearest working day.
Article 3: The company will transfer the salary (including lunch subsidy) into the account of Changsha Bank opened in the name of the employee before the monthly pay day, and the employee can access it with the bank card.
Section 6 - Salary Confidentiality
Article 1: Individual salary shall not be disclosed to others.
Article 2: Employees shall not inquire about the salary of colleagues in any way.
Article 3: The personnel administration center, the finance department and other relevant departments shall keep employees' salary secret and shall not disclose them to others.
Article 4: When an employee is transferred, promoted, or demoted, he/she has the obligation to keep confidential the salary of the original and existing positions.
Article 5: Employees who have questions about their salary, they can consult the Personnel Administration Center and the Finance Department.
Section 7- Insurance and Benefits
Article1: The company provides social insurance (endowment, medical care, work injury, maternity, unemployment insurance) and provide funds for employees in accordance with national regulations.
Article 2: The dormitory accommodations allow 1-6 employees per room. Each room is equipped with a water heater, air conditioner, closet and other amenities.
Article 3: The company provides working meals for employees, free of charge.
Article 4: Birthday benefits (subject to the date of the ID card): On the employee's birthday, the company provides 50 yuan per person, and the same amount of birthday cakes, gifts, etc. is distributed or collected for celebrations.
Article 5: Holiday Ceremonies


Forms and standards

Start-up ceremony after the Spring Festival

Organize activities, distributing the lucky money to each employee after the year, the activity cost and profit are determined by the company according to the company's operating status for the year.

Dragon Boat Festival

Distribute holiday gifts to all employees

Mid-Autumn Festival

Distribute holiday gifts to all employees

Article6: The company issues year-end bonuses to employees in accordance with the provisions of the relevant labor laws. The method and amount of the year-end bonus evaluation are determined by the company according to the business conditions.
Article 7: The company's medical treatment for employees, treatment for professional learning and training, treatment for working and living facilities (including office appliances, employee canteens, commuting to and from work, etc.) and other caring treatments (including marriage and childbirth congratulations, death benefits, work-related injuries and sympathy, Hardship subsidies, etc.), according to other relevant regulations of the company, this salary system is not involved.

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