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Brand Story

Brand Story

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Zopoise Technology brings light to the world!
Light is the source of all things. From ancient times, when humans discovered fire, to oil lamps to candles. Then Edison invented the light bulb and then the neon lights of modern night Shanghai, The development of light sources spans the entire history of human society. It is the original instinct of humans to pursue light. 
Today, LEDs have become an ideal light option for human beings because of its features of energy savings, environmentally friendly and high efficiency. It is driving a new light revolution to bring quality lighting to humans whenever and wherever they want.
Zopoise Technology has the experience and courage to make breakthroughs and innovations. It has won world-wide recognition from domestic and foreign customers with its’ strict Quality Management and Quality Control of the entire production chain. With its strong market competitiveness and when a new competitive landscape is formed. We are stepping forward at the forefront of the world, sending light to countries and regions around the world, businesses and families.
Zopoise's light, China's light, has already illuminated the world.

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