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Zopoise Technology Returned to Work: Get ready to continue our year in the Spring

Zopoise Technology Returned to Work: Get ready to continue our year in the Spring

2020-05-21 17:53

Zopoise Technology (ZhuZhou) Co., Ltd. has successfully resumed production and has quickly achieved full capacity. Our concentration will be to ensure the fulfillment of orders.

Though February 24th, everything is back on track at Zopoise. The rate of employees returning to work reached 81% and , Zopoise’s manufacturing centers and offices are busy with their daily work.


Measure temperature in the lobby

Time: 7:30am--8:20am

Colleagues wear masks, go through the first pass at the gate of industry park and get their temperature checked. Then they come into the lobby for another temperature check while they hear a broadcast of the requirements of the epidemic prevention, while practicing proper distancing. They register the temperature information on their personal temperature card and then can enter the work areas.


Test Table in the lobby

Testers are fully equipped with temperature guns, protective clothing, disposable masks, goggles, emergency protective clothing, alcohol and provide “New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Knowledge Manual” etc.


Poster and banner for epidemic prevention and control

Time: 8:20am-11:30am

When entering the office area, posters and banners promoting the prevention and control of the epidemic can be seen everywhere. When the day is over the air still has the clean smell of disinfectant.


Colleagues lie up to get their meals

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm

The cafeteria is disinfected, and employees eat knowing the area is safe. To increase social distancing and prevent people from gathering in large groups, Zopoise implemented staggering the lunch hours. The cafeteria provides the packed lunches and sends them to the lobby for pick-up where the employees pick it up and keep a safe distance for eating.


Workers at production line

Time: 13:40pm-18:00pm

Entering the production line, the workers are wearing masks, methodically assembling lamps, it shows a busy production scene. Thank you for all employees working in production line.


Party members went to production lines to aid production


The staff disinfects carefully every day

We keep the office areas and production lines well ventilated; every corner is sterilized to ensure employees work safely.

The industry park is full of vitality and everything has come back to life. The footsteps of spring have come to us, we are full of confidence and energy to win the battle against the Coronavirus. Our Zopoise family is united and will always fight through this in the coming year.

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